The Sonification Handbook

Thomas Hermann, Andy Hunt, John G. Neuhoff (Eds.)

ISBN 978-3-8325-2819-5
584 pages, year of publication: 2011
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The Sonification Handbook
This book is a comprehensive introductory presentation of the key research areas in the interdisciplinary fields of sonification and auditory display. Chapters are written by leading experts, providing a wide-ranging coverage of the central issues, and can be read from start to finish, or dipped into as required (like a smorgasbord menu).

Sonification conveys information by using non-speech sounds. To listen to data as sound and noise can be a surprising new experience with diverse applications ranging from novel interfaces for visually impaired people to data analysis problems in many scientific fields.

This book gives a solid introduction to the field of auditory display, the techniques for sonification, suitable technologies for developing sonification algorithms, and the most promising application areas. The book is accompanied by an online repository of sound examples.


1 Introduction
Thomas Hermann, Andy Hunt, John G. Neuhoff

I Fundamentals of Sonification, Sound and Perception
2 Theory of Sonification
Bruce N. Walker and Michael A. Nees
3 Psychoacoustics
Simon Carlile
4 Perception, Cognition and Action in Auditory Displays
John G. Neuhoff
5 Sonic Interaction Design
Stefania Serafin, Karmen Franinovic, Thomas Hermann, Guillaume Lemaitre, Michal Rinott, Davide Rocchesso
6 Evaluation of Auditory Display
Terri L. Bonebright and John H. Flowers
7 Sonification Design and Aesthetics
Stephen Barrass and Paul Vickers

II Sonification Technology
8 Statistical Sonification for Exploratory Data Analysis
Sam Ferguson, William Martens and Densil Cabrera
9 Sound Synthesis for Auditory Display
Perry R. Cook
10 Laboratory Methods for Experimental Sonification
Till Bovermann, Julian Rohrhuber and Alberto de Campo
11 Interactive Sonification
Andy Hunt and Thomas Hermann

III Sonification Techniques
12 Audification
Florian Dombois and Gerhard Eckel
13 Auditory Icons
Eoin Brazil and Mikael Fernström
14 Earcons
David McGookin and Stephen Brewster
15 Parameter Mapping Sonification
Florian Grond, Jonathan Berger
16 Model-Based Sonification
Thomas Hermann

IV Applications
17 Auditory Display in Assistive Technology
Alistair D. N. Edwards
18 Sonification for Process Monitoring
Paul Vickers
19 Intelligent auditory alarms
Anne Guillaume
20 Navigation of Data
Eoin Brazil and Mikael Fernström
21 Aiding Movement with Sonification in "Exercise, Play and Sport"
Edited by Oliver Höner

Table of contents (PDF)


  • Sonification
  • Auditory Display
  • Human Computer Interaction
  • Sound Computing
  • User Interfaces


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