Our Excellence Initiative 2020/21

Logos Verlag Berlin is launching a new Excellence Initiative. This year, to mark the occasion of our 25th anniversary, we are going to support excellent emerging academics and consequently the standing of academia in Germany. All doctoral students, whose doctorate is marked with at least magna cum laude, can apply for our Excellence Initiative until the end of 2021. The theses that we accept as part of our Excellence Initiative will be published free of charge and the author will receive three complimentary copies.

The first two Excellence Initiatives, from the years 2010 and 2015, were a huge success: more than 250 emerging academics were supported through the free of charge publication of their work. Their works now make up a part of our attractive publishing programme. We boast a wide selection of around 6,500 titles, from the humanities to natural and social sciences, which attracts attention worldwide.

What are we going to publish and how?
If you are chosen as part of our Excellence Initiative, we will finance the publication, free of charge, of your dissertation text. We will publish your text in either A5 or B5 format, according to your wishes, with our standard layout and with all of the customary services we provide, as well as three complimentary copies. We can also provide additional services which can be paid for, for example: a parallel Open-Acess publication, the printing of foldouts or pages in colour, a professional proofreading or a professional design and layout of the book. You can also buy further author copies at the cost price. Please state on your application if you know you want to have additional copies or have wishes which go beyond our standard layout or services.
Application Procedure
All doctoral students, whose doctorate is marked at least with magna cum laude, or better, are allowed to apply. To apply please send in the following documents:
  • A letter of application (1-2 pages) which should go into detail on the following points:
    • The relevancy of the topic
    • The originality of the thesis
    • The target audience
    • A short CV
  • The work as a PDF file
  • The reports of the reviewers
The application should occur shortly after the evaluation and marking of the thesis. We will not be able to take applications into consideration which are sent after the 31.12.2021.

Please send your application via email at .

Selection Procedure and Contingents
We will evaluate all of the applications we receive within a maximum of 4 weeks. In order to provide a balanced mix of subjects we will put subject specific quotas in place, from which a selection will be chosen.
The quotas are as follows:

Sciences (incl. Maths and Computer Science)20
Educational Sciences (incl. Teaching Methodology)25
Political and Social sciences15
Art and Cultural Science (incl. Architecture)15
Legal and Economic Sciences15

Unfortunately, if a subject has been filled then we can no longer accept any further applications. We will regularly update the spaces we have left on this webpage.