English for Law. English language practice for lawyers

Monika Takeuchi

ISBN 978-3-8325-4340-2
245 pages, year of publication: 2016
price: 29.00 €
'English for Law - English language practice for lawyers' is intended for law students and legal practitioners who need to master English as used in legal environment.

- Offers extensive lexical practice in Legal English

- Incorporates many authentic legal contexts, texts and cases - Covers a wide range of topics, such as criminal law, civil litigation and contract - Suitable for upper-intermediate to advanced students (B2-C1)

- Can be used both as a self-study practice book and in classroom to supplement a regular textbook

- A valuable resource for those preparing for the TOLES examinations

Table of contents (PDF)


  • legal contexts
  • texts and cases
  • TOLES examinations
  • self-study practice
  • English for law
  • legal English


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